Washburne Cafe Still Serving Great Coffee with a Tasty Food Menu at:


For a number of years this was the website for the Washburne Café. In 2016 the original owners were bought out. See the news article below. The domain registration to the restaurant's website expired and the new owner of the domain decided to keep the site about the cafe in case people inadvertently ended up here while looking for the Washburne Café.

The new cafe owners do have a Facebook page, so we suggest you go there for the most up to date information about what's happening at the Washburne Café: www.facebook.com/WashburneCafeinSpringfield/ or simply go to their current website:


The Washburne Café
326 Main St.
Springfield, OR, USA
+1 541 746 7999



2020 Reality:
SO how is the Washburne Cafe doing in this time of Covid 19?
FYI: The Washburne is offering additional sanitization between customers at their tables, (the table numbers say "clean me please" and they are supposed to be left there after you finish) the tables are spread apart, there are fewer seating options, sanitizer at the door, and the staff all wears masks. At their current, website http://washburnecafe.com/, you can order online and purchase gift cards. It's a relief they are hanging in there with support from the community.

We moved Springfield, Oregon when I was a toddler. My father initially was accepted in a postdoctoral research scholar positions at the University of Oregon. He is now a full time professor as is my mother. Although I now live in NYC, I have many friends who still live in the area. I go back every summer, with the exception of 2020, to visit for a month or so. The Washburne Cafe is often where we would meet for breakfast before heading to the Oregon coast to Dunes City which is the perfect mix of sand and water. Siltcoos Lake and Woahink Lake lay surrounded by miles of Oregon's rolling sand dunes. It's amazing. Or for a day of hiking in the Willamette National Forest in the Cascades. In NYC I have watched my local restaurants struggle to survive during the pandemic. When NYC shut down at the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, I sort of freaked out. I was in the third year of an e commerce business that was beginning to be some what profitable. I had just hired what I was hoping would be the best search optimization NYC company to help me further my online goals. Fortunately SEO ZEN NYC had already implemented some changes and we were beginning an ad campaign on Pinterest and Facebook to raise brand awareness and to bring in more new customers. One of the things I liked about Seo Zen NYC is that they are a boutique digital marketing agency focused on helping small and midsize companies. So far my site has been moving up in the google ranks. I am on page 1 for several of my important key words in the google search. More are on page two. The social media ads paid off for this years Black Friday / Cyber Monday promos.

We are now well into 2021. NYC has reopened and when I walk the streets of my upper West Side neighborhood it is amazing at all the diners eating outside at restaurants. I finally decided to have some work done on my antique living room furniture, especially the sofa and chairs. They are in great condition except for the worn upholstery. Found a well respected firm offering reupholstery NYC services - they have fabulous reviews and the person I spoke with was very knowledgeable and helpful. I arranged to have the work done while I visit Oregon this summer, chose the fabrics and paid the down payment. These reupholstering experts will pick up the furniture and drop them off when the work is done. I was told that in addition to the chosen fabrics they will add padding where needed. My daughter lives nearby, so she can make arrangements if needed - she also is interested in the process. Looking forward to returning to find my favorite sofa and chairs looking better than new. I am really excited to visit my folks this summer.  We will definitely be stopping by the  Washburne Cafe. We are all vaccinated and although I still plan to wear a mask on the plane, traveling doesn't seemed to be as fraught.

When I check the facebook page for the Washburne Cafe and see how they are augmenting their income with branded gift boxes/bags, mugs, shirts, gift cards, treats boxes, I totally get it. I bought my parents a couple of their T shirts for Christmas My parents sent me a Washburne Cafe gift boxes filled with include stickers, a mug, coffee beans, a cute jar filled with our house made syrup, and other treats. I hope that with the roll out of 2 Covid vaccines in December and with a new administration coming in in January that has vowed they would make a determined push to get more US folks vaccinated, I will be able to safely travel to Oregon and visit in either July or August 2021. Can't wait to drop in at the Washburne Cafe for one of their delicious breakfast sandwiches and a cup of Cappuccino.




After 5 years of owning and operating the cafe, my husband and business partner Jeff and I have decided to sell the cafe.  Today, September 29th is our last day.  Tomorrow, Derek and Mindy Weber and Charlie Hester will take over as owners and operators.  They will be closed for a couple weeks to make some changes inside.  I want to thank all my loyal customers and hope you will continue to support the Cafe.  We feel good about handing over the business to Derek, Mindy and Charlie and wish them well.  They will honor your gift cards and coffee cards.

Marilou Heriot





The Washburne Cafe represents a mix of the historic and modern Springfield community

Julia Taylor — August 9, 2017 / DailyEmerald.com

Driving down Springfield’s Main Street, visitors pass historic buildings that were once the heart of the town. Although the city spread out, the street maintains a nostalgic feel. Among its modern restaurants, fabric stores and coffee shops sits the Washburne Cafe.

The Washburne’s yellow brickwork stands out among the rest of the quaint street. An archway interrupts the golden facade, leading to the front entrance. A sheet of printer paper, which reads “I like you” in a child’s handwriting, hangs on the left door.

“We really wanted to be a community space where people could meet,” cafe co-owner Charlie Hester said. After 11 years in the Portland coffee business, Hester — a Springfield native — wanted to open his own coffee shop. “It felt really nice to come home,” he said. 

He partnered with two of his high school friends, Derek and Mindy Weber, to open their own cafe. Hester was somewhat nervous to go into business with such good friends, but it has been easier than expected. “I was worried we’d argue more, but it’s been pretty easy. I got to design the bar and Derek gets his kitchen,” said Hester. 

Hester and the Webers bought the Washburne from previous management last September. After a month of renovations, the cafe reopened on Oct. 24, 2016. To maintain the authentic Springfield atmosphere, the owners focused their interior design on the building’s original 1911 brick walls and hardwood floors.

Inside the cafe’s doors, one can find a combination of a modern, tasteful aesthetic with undertones of Springfield’s history. Exposed brick, crisp white walls and minimalist design encompass the cafe. Community members can enjoy a cup of coffee at a variety of benches, bars and couches.

The combination of vintage decorations, clean lines and an abundance of greenery create a comfortable space for the Springfield community. The single brick wall displays a variety of merchandise and a menu composed of marquee lettering.

“It’s very hipster and minimalistic — the drink menu, too,” cafe regular Jessica Rez said. “Honestly, I just really like it here.” The food menu contains variations of classic breakfast and lunch foods, like eggs and toast, sandwiches, oatmeal and pastries.

The Washburne’s commitment to selling local goods helps the cafe embody its community. The merchandise wall features goods from local vendors and artists, and the coffee is from the closest producer the owners could find without sacrificing taste. Derek Weber uses bread from the Hideaway Bakery in South Eugene and dairy products from Umpqua Dairy to create items for the Washburne menu.

The Washburne’s owners try to use local vendors because they believe promoting other people’s passions is important. “We try to keep it as Springfield as possible. It’s all about supporting other people,” Hester said. In the future, Hester and Weber would like to start roasting their own coffee and selling their own bread.

Until then, they are happy with where they are.

“Growing up I couldn’t wait to leave, but when I came back I found people who were so fiercely Springfield,” said Hester. He feels more connected to the people here and hopes the Washburne connects its patrons to the wider community. With a deep appreciation for home, Hester and the Webers don’t see the Washburne going anywhere.


CIRCA 2013

The Washburne Cafe -

The Washburne Cafe, located in the historic Springfield Armory building, is the spot for homecooked food and a relaxing atmosphere in downtown Springfield Oregon.

Serving breakfast, lunch, interesting salads, homemade soups, fresh baked coffee cake, pastries, cookies and a wide variety of coffee drinks, the Washburne Cafe is the perfect spot to eat and enjoy your day. 


The Café is open for breakfast, lunch and private parties in the evening.  Our eclectic menu offers something for everyone.  Our breakfast offerings include ~  steel cut oats, omelets, to our popular breakfast bowl made up of eggs, potatoes, bacon or ham to bagels with cream cheese.  Lunches feature homemade soups, our popular Panini sandwiches, wraps and daily specials.  We also feature a full espresso bar and a variety of homemade baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth.  The Washburne Café also has free WiFi, so bring your laptop.

The Washburne Café also has a great selection of greeting cards, candles and other gift items available.

Schedule your next off-site meeting in our private meeting room.  There is no charge for using the space and we are happy to do a special menu to accommodate your group. The Washburne is also available "after hours" during the week for your special events.

The Washburne Café is owned and operated by Marilou Heriot and is located in a historic building that housed the former Springfield Armory.  The business incorporates the exposed brick wall, 100-year-old floors to create a cozy atmosphere with a urban vibe.


326 Main Street
Springfield, OR 97477

Free parking.
Available for large groups - call ahead for details.
Free Wi-Fi.
Breakfast is served from 7:30am-11:00am during the week & 8:00am-2:00pm on the weekends.
We're open!
Sunday: 8am–2pm
Monday–Friday: 7:30am–4pm
Saturday: 8am–4pm



Editor's Note: In the year before they shut down there were reporters here on many occasions talking to staff, trying to find more information on a con man, George Binakis. They were following tips that suggested that George was hiding out and living here in the basement. For those who don't know, George Binakis defrauded elderly condo owners by posing as a contractor and promising to renovate their apartments. He stole over $65,000 from a woman by gaining her complete trust and sympathy - he constantly mentioned a severe heart condition requiring a pacemaker and frequent cardio monitoring. George was so convincing that when he vanished with her money, she actually thought George had suffered a heart attack. StreetTalk mentioned that Binakis was reportedly headed to Springfield, OR, and this was the beginning of the futile hunt for George Binakis at our humble cafe.




Trip Advisor Reviews

Velda A Pendleton, Oregon
Reviewed December 4, 2016
New owners and new direction

This was one of my favorite cafes. Sadly, when I stopped in one day for lunch, I found that everything had changed. Yes, I knew they were under new management, but I was hoping for lunch. They still have excellent coffee, but their food offerings are limited. Please give them time to find their niche!

What I particularly enjoyed though, was the open setting and that they were selling handmade products from people within the community. That in itself is really cool. I will return on my next trip through that area, and I wish the new owner(s) well.


Ken M Sacramento, California
Reviewed August 20, 2011
Delicious breakfast, especially the Greek omelette.

My family and I stopped here twice as we passed through Eugene/Springfield on I-5, once for breakfast and the second time for lunch. We were delighted each time. The physical space is charming; an older building, with exposed brick walls and hard wood floors. The ambiance was delightful; large street-side windows providing lots of natural light and art by a local artist on one of the walls. And the food was wonderful. For breakfast, my daughter and I shared a Greek omelette -- it's been a long time since I enjoyed an omelette so much. The spinach and onions were sauted perfectly before being added to the omelette. My other daughter had the oatmeal, and my wife had the granola, fruit, and yogurt. Both raved about their breakfasts. A week later, on our return trip through Springfield, we stopped for lunch. Again we were pleased. I enjoyed my summer salad (with fresh, mixed greens, candied walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese), and my wife and daughter happily shared the Mediterranean Panini and the special soup. The Cafe uses fresh, high-quality ingredients, and prepares interesting omelettes and sandwiches. I should add that the proprietor was friendly and welcoming. We highly recommend, especially if you're looking for an interesting breakfast/lunch stop if you are passing through on I-5.


Yelp Reviews

Tonya M.  Portland, OR
5.0 star rating 4/23/2018
I really love the new Washburne. Under the previous owners, the Washburne Cafe had a kind of dated, ladies-who-lunch feel. The food was okay, but considering that we live nearby and only went twice over the course of a year or so, clearly nothing compelling.

Now the Washburne has a fresh, clean look, the coffee is great, the service is friendly, and they have a fantastic, if limited, breakfast menu. This weekend my husband had the biscuit breakfast sandwich with pork belly and egg. For the size and quality, it would have been a bargain at twice the price--okay, maybe 1.33 times the price--it was $9. I had the green chile tostada with pulled pork and fried egg. Also super delicious, and though it looked, compared to my husband's sandwich, like a small portion, it turned out to be more than I could eat.

Welcome to the neighborhood, new owners of the Washburne! We'll be back, and back, and back...


Zomato Reviews

Chad Who
April 2017
RATED  New owners have changed this place to the best coffee house in the area! Good food menu and very good coffee. Plus an interior that would fit in, in Seattle, Portland or San Francisco.


 Melinda Melinda
Sep 17, 2014
POSITIVE   Great lil spot to meet up with friends and catch up over a great coffee or latte, good sandwiches and very good breakfast items. Fresh and flavorful. The service wasn't that great, the gal waiting on us didn't act like she wanted to be there and never once smiled or said thank you or enjoy or anything. We all have our bad days I guess.
Great spot!


 Linda Linda
Jun 18, 2012
Lunch. Ate there last week. Had the soup and sandwich - Delish Love the atmosphere and the curry or lobster soup are out of this world.


 Marilou Gilpin Heriot
Nov 14, 2011
Washburne Chicken Salad. A wonderful blend of chicken breast, celery, pecans, dried cranberries and green onions tossed with a honey mustard aioli ~ all on a bed of spring greens.


Jul 08, 2011
POSITIVE   The Washburne Cafe Brightens Up Downtown Springfield. I've eaten at the Washburne Cafe nearly every week since it opened over a year ago. I keep coming back for the flavorful coffee, interesting soups, and hearty breakfasts (the Washburne bowl -- red potatoes covered with eggs scrambled with bacon or ham, topped with cheese and green onions, plus a side of salsa -- is my favorite). They also have a great choice of pastries if you enjoy sweet goodies with your coffee (I often buy their oatmeal raisin cookies to take out home for a sweet treat).
The service at the Washburne is friendly (I'm always greeted by my first name when I enter and get a "good-bye" when I leave), the atmosphere is a mix of historic Springfield (antiques, old photos) with today's art scene (a wall of artwork by local artists rotated each month).
The cafe also participates in Springfield's 2nd Friday Art Walks, often including music by area bands and singers.... read more


 Bill Randall
Feb 19, 2011
POSITIVE   Awesome Paninis. My wife went a few weeks ago and said we both needed to go. We went for lunch today. Awesome paninis and the Sumatran coffee from Cascade Estates was awesome (I'm a coffee snob). Great place in the historic Washburne District of Springfield.

 Zack Zack
Feb 14, 2011
POSITIVE   Nice place, good sandwiches, great building.


 Krystal Faust Krystal Faust
Dec 28, 2010
The Hungarian Mushroom soup and Thin Mint Latte.. Both items were absolutely delicious.



NancyT NancyT
Jun 08, 2010
POSITIVE   A Winner!. Saw the Washburne Cafe's sign go up a few weeks ago on Main St. in downtown Springfield and made my first visit yesterday - what a treat!

Located in an old building the owners have refurbished beautifully, the Washburne is open and airy, modern & sophisticated yet friendly. I appreciated the comfy seating & nice touches like glowing original wood floors and casual little vases of fresh flowers on the tables.

Service is limited to breakfast & lunch w/a tempting selection of "snack" pastries and a nice array of coffees, teas, and Italian sodas. Small but interesting lunch menu has a good selection of paninis & sandwiches priced between $5.95 and $6.95. Rotating daily selection of "made from scratch" soups at $2.95 for a cup and $3.95 for a bowl - heck of a deal. Tried their mushroom soup and would venture to say it was hands down the best I've ever had (take that Marche!). I'll be back very soon to try their lobster bisque. Can also vouch for their blueberry scones - fresh baked & tender - with plenty of berries.

Located on Main St, just down from Econo Sales, with free on street parking and a few extra reserved spaces around the corner. Good value, good food, pleasant service & ambiance, the Washburne is a breath of fresh air!



MENU circa 2013


Did you know that coffee has been around since the thirteenth century? That's a long time to work on making the perfect cup of coffee. But we like to think we're pretty much there.

We source our coffee beans from the local Eugene roaster, Cascade Estates Coffee. We use the Sumatra blend in our popular house coffee. The Sumatra beans are some of the most complex in the world and are highly prized due to the delightful smooth, rich, heavy body and low acidity.

Breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day. Make sure your day starts with the best! Come in for an omelet, scramble or heart-healthy oatmeal and fresh fruit.

Omelets and Scrambles are served with Ciabatta toast and roasted red potatoes.

We have a variety of sweet treats that are made for you by The Washburne staff.

All of our soups are made fresh, every morning. The soup menu is du jour. (Meaning, we don’t have a set daily soup.) Our soup selection depends on seasonal ingredients and the whim of Marilou.

Check out our soup of the day on our Facebook page or give us a call! Or take a culinary chance and let us surprise you! You won’t regret it.

Who doesn't love a good sandwich? Did you know people were making sandwiches way before they were even called that? Back in the middle ages, it was just a handy way of containing meat while you travelled.

Our Panini Sandwiches are made on fresh-baked focaccia bread.  Our Panini's and Wraps are served with Kettle Chips. Or get a half sandwich or wrap and add a salad or cup of home made soup.

Fresh, crisp and nutritious, the Washburne Cafe salads are a mix of fresh spring greens and in-season vegetables.

Alone or alongside half a sandwich or cup of soup, your should treat yourself to a little bit of green!

  • Washburne Chicken Salad

A delightful mixture of diced chicken breast, celery, dried canberries, pecans, green onions dressed with a honey mustard aioli, and served on a bed of spring greens.

  • Greek Salad

Fresh spring greens, Kalamta olives, marinated artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and feta cheese. Add chicken breast for additonal $2.00 Vegetarian

  • House Green Salad

Fresh spring greens with cucumbers, tomatoes and your choice of dressing, served with a slice of Ciabatta toast. Vegetarian
$ 5.00

  • House Salad and Cup of Soup

Our house salad with your choice of dressing served with a cup of soup

  • Chicken Caesar Salad

Chopped Romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, Grated Parmesan cheese, Croutons topped with Chicken

We have wine and beer available to enjoy by the glass. 

  • Hogue Chardonnay

    This Washington state wine offers the spicy and rich aromas of nutmeg, pear, pineapple and creamy butterscotch.
        $5glass $15bottle

  • Seven Daughters Red Blend

    This intriguing California wine shows exuberant fruit flavors. The presence of Syrah compliments the wine with a closing note of peppery spice for a memorable finish
        $6glass $18bottle

  • Riesling

    Hinman Vineyards
        $6glass $18bottle

  • Estancia

    Pinot Noir from Monterey County
        $7glass $21bottle

  • Acrobat

    Oregon Pinot Gris from King Estates
        $6glass $18bottle

  • Mimosa

    A wonderful compliment to your breakfast! Made withorange juice & Segura Viudas sparkling wine.

  • Beer

    Full Sail Brewing ~ Deschutes Brewery ~ Pyramid ~ Hop Valley